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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eastern Bluebird

scientific name;Sialia sialis
length;7 inches
wingspan;13 inches
Distinctive markings;Male has a sky blue back,wings, and head.Male has a white belly and orange breast and throat.The females have the same look but duller.
Nest;Nest is mostly built by the female in a bird house or a cavity.She lays 4 - 6 pale blue eggs some times she lays white eggs and they nest march to July.
Sound;Soft warble  tru-al-y tru-al-y
Habitat;open areas including backyards.
Diet;Berries and insects.
Back yard favorites;live meal worms
range;north central to northeast,summer,new mexico down to mexico,winter,All year round below the northeast and thru south and mexico.

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