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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Arizona Owls (sent in from a reader.)

Several Years ago, a pair of mated Great Horned owls mad a nest on the outside patio of Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix Arizona. At that time we were under going construction to update that site (the patio outside the dining room). The mom [ Athena]lai three eggs. Mayo was forced to hold, delay construction, until the eggs hatched, fledged and move on! I thought it wonderful that a pair of birds could bring the great and powerful Mayo oClinic to a stand still. People came from all around the world to witness this most wonderful phenomena!. It was hard to get any work done because we were always running outside to see our family! We all ate lunch outside so we could observe. Dad owl (Winston), would diligently bring food to mom ewhile she incubated her eggs. We would sit there while he brought vaarious prey to the nest to include prairie dogs, rabbits, etc.

The day he flew over my head with a snake, I was OUT OF THERE! All three eggs hatched successfully (cute as could be, eventually fledged and moved on with their life. Construction continued after they were sure they were gone for good. It was an amazing,privileged experience! I did have several picture, but unfortunately they did transfer to my new computer.

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