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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chickadee hand 3 [back in the in beggining of birding]

I know you have liked the stories about my chickadee experiences of the series chickadee hand.
I have had many stories to tell in the past year i will tell them to you all in the series opening in July 2010 My Friends of the Feeders.
Let's start the chickadee hand story.
I have tried to have chikadee's eat out of my hand for almost two years now and now there is a chickadee that i named Moe because he had a mohawk on his head that he could flating it down flat the picture you see i belive is Moe with his mohawk flatend down on the feeder's hanger filled with a mix of bird seed.So now i have my chickadee friend Moe friend of the out doors.

This comes to the end of the chickadee hand series i had fun righting these great stories about chickadees you might want to look up atticles on the home page and you could find old articles of the past on All Bird

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