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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Morning Dove story

Ahh....... The morning doves have CONCERD OUR YARD. Whenever I walk out the front door I see more then ten Morning Doves fly of the ground,Making a annoying sound. Well... they always make a annoying sound when they get scared. Tho I do like there coo-coo coo coo coo sound in the spring but in this time of year they don't make that sound.Reasons why I don't like Morning doves top five are below.
5;You can't see them on the ground when trying to take photos of them. 
4;There annoying sounds when they get scared.
3;There Fat.
2;There not as tame as rock pigeons in the city as I like;
1;I hate them all together.
That is why I hate Morning Doves

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