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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Helpful Migration Station Tips

Every Year Some Birds Will Take a Journey up to 3,000 Miles When Migrating.When They Migrate They Want to Fatten Up For There Journey,Across Oceans Or On Dry Land.Most Birds That Migrate Will Migrate 2 Times a Year,Once in the Spring and Once in the Fall.With These Helpful Tips Below You Can Have a Bird Feeding Station During Migration.

When You Place a Feeder Somewhere Make sure it has Brush near By To take cover If there is a predator.Next Step is to Decide What Species you want to attract and what the species eats.

- Black-Birds and Grackles Eat  Cracked Corn Scattered On Ground
- Hummingbirds Eat Nectar Placed In a Feeder or In a Bowl Or Lid
- Tanagers and Orioles Eat Oranges and Grape Jelly
- Catbirds eat Grape Jelly

Hopefully These Tips Will Make You a Migration Feeding Station!

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