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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Okay, I have a Doubleheader Post Today.Two amazing stories on a bird watching hike and in my own yard.

                                     Pedestrian Goose
 When hiking yesterday,4/11/12.We were hiking around a pond and had a BIG show.
So as we were walking along shore we noticed a Muskrat in the water,swimming.Later on the trail we disturbed some geese which turned out to keep up glued watching them for 10 minutes or so.So as were walking up the hill to get back to the parking lot,we see a goose walk up the trail in front of us!He goes and crosses the road and in to the grass.It was Hilarious!

                                       Little Nest

While we were out hiking a chickadee pair nested in out nest box in our front yard!The nest was made of a few feathers and Lots of moss.

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