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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Northern Flicker Storys

This is yet another injured bird story,(but this time he didn't make it)

April 7th,2012,

We were coming home from picking up our pizza's from a local   restaurant.We ordered a large pepperoni and a large cheese,just to be exact.So on are way home we noticed a bird,still alive in the road.We got out and found out it was a Northern Flicker.When we tried to get him he kept hopping away,so I ended up going it too the woods and coming behind him and snatching him!Luckily,Where we found him was a road right behind our house.So we brought him with us home for a very short 2 minute longer drive.When we got home we called are local re - hab center,Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife center.(FFF for short.)FFF was the same place that took Pidg the Mourning Dove featured in A Mourning Dove Story.The flicker we placed in a box with a blanket. Unfortunately he only lasted 10 minutes at our house.

So FFF Told us to put the bird outside so maybe another animal could get a little snack.

P.S (This isn't my Photo)

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