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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dealing With The Squirells

Dealing with squirells can be a tough challenge,they can chew plastic bird perches of feeders,cost you tons of moneys in seed,and they scare the birds away from he feeder.Not like the chipmunk who dosen't get into your feeder and they clean up old seed shells on the ground.A good way to keep them out of your feeder is use a squirell baffle,on the bottom or the top of your feeder ( It deped on which way the squirells get to the feeder if your feeder is near a tree you should more likely put the baffle on top of the feeder,if the feeder is in the middle of the yard with no trees in the area put the baffle on the bottom of the feeder,or just put one on the top and bottom.)

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