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Friday, April 15, 2011

Preventing Birds Getting Killed From Predators In Your Yard

Preventing birds from being killed by things in your yard can be quite hard.But there is a few ways to prevent it.The birds biggest predator is windows,birds will fly into windows thinking there is another birds in there teritory which is there reflection in the window.Some people say that brush piles are good for birds to hide in from a Hawk,well there not cats and other animals will hide in the brush pile ait tell a Hawk come aoroun and gets a tasty treat.To prevent from Hawks eating your birds is very diffucult.Hawks are protected by the Goverment so it's not like you can shoot them or anything.There really is no way for protecting your backyard birds from Hawks but windows and cats can be prevented so 2 out of 3 main predators can be prevented!

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