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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birding Questions Answered;Q;How Do I Make a Bird Friendly Garden?

Q;How Do I Make a Bird Friendly Garden?
A;Bird gardens are a great way to atrract birds.Bird gardens come in sizes depending on how much space you have.A good way to have a garden is to make strips one strip plain dirt,Strip 2 let weeds grow and keep them short,Strip 3 plant some small to medium sized flowers.Strip 4 Berries,Shrubs,and Small trees.Strip 5.Trees.Other Ways To make a bird garden are to make different parts of your garden be for different birds,one Part could be filled with berrie's and the other flowers it all depends on what birds you want to attract.

Bird Garden Species List:
Berries - Waxwings,cardinals,chickadees,titmice,robins,catbirds,mockingbirds,orioles,sparrows,jays,warblers,and wrens.
Tubed Flowers - Hummingbirds and a Rare Oriole Maybe
Sunflowers - chickadees,titmice,woodpeckers,sparrows, and cardinals.

With Some Of These Birde Garden Tips You May have a Bird Ciy In Your Garden.

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