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Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Keep Your Goldfinches Happy!

Goldfinches are A small bird about 5 - 8 inches long.To keep these little feathered quests happy you have to do three thing,.But first we need to know what the bird looks like.In the summer Male Goldfinches are Bright Yellow with a orange -ish beak and have black wings,In  the winter Male goldfinches make the biggest color change off al the birds he turns to a blotchy gray - ish pale - ish dark color.Females look just like the male in winter except the females stay that color all year round.
3 Helpful Tips To Attracting Goldfinches:
1: Don't pull out the wild thistle they use the down of it as nesting material and eat the seeds.
2:Put up a thistle feeder ( they love thistle )
3:Have Only a few Trees for a spot to perch goldfinches mostly like the open.

Good Luck!

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