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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Birds First Year

Birds Have a Year round Cycle
Migrate,mate,nest,hatch,fledge,and fill up to migrate again.
Those are thing the adult birds do But what about the baby birds?
Baby birds are hatched and fed by the parents until they fledge out of the nest.When they fledge there parents will teach them to fly fly in an unknown way.Once they fledge they get fed by the parents outside the nest for another week or so until they can eat on their own.When there taught to eat the parent goes to a food source and shows the baby bird how to get food from it.Once the baby can find food and can fly it's on it's own.The Juvenile Bird will start filling up for migration.Nobody knows just how the birds know when ti migrate.Some people believe that when the days get shorter they urge to migrate or it's something to do with the earth's magnetic force. 

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