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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Bird Feeding

Winter Bird feeding is a Great way to help birds during the cold winter,and  it also keeps you Very Entertained.To run a winter bird feeding station you need the right foods.

Food Good for winter bird feeding:
Suet Cakes
Black - Oil Sunflower Seed
Nijer or Thistle Seed
Mixed Seed.

Also another great way to enjoy winter bird feeding is to also try to get birds to eat right out of your hand or out of a dish in your hand.Read Hand Feeding birds for More details on Hand feeding Birds.Suet is very important for inter because of it's high fat level birds need in the winter.Black - Oil Sunflower seed is also very important because it's high fat level.Thistle seed is attractive to Pine Siskins,Crosbills,and many finches.Thistle is very expensive but  is very attractive to your backyard birds.Mixed seed is attractive to  ground birds like Sparrows,Juncos,And Jays.

With some of these tips maybe you can have a Winter Bird Feeder!

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