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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friends of the Feeder 2;House Wrens

First of all sorry about the blurry picture,second of all sorry about not posting the Friends of The Feeder.Now I should really change this too Friends of the Backyard because the first post of the series was the American Robing who does not dine at a bird feeder.This being post #2 you can and can't call this a feeder bird,let me explain.The House Wren eats insects and occasionally fruit,the thing is if you offer meal worms at your feeding station you maybe lucky and get visits from wrens and other birds like,bluebirds,chickadees,& woodpeckers.This wren's nest is basic,usually a pile of sticks and made in very unusual places.I've heard of stories of them nesting in clothes pockets hanging on a clothesline,in and old shoe,and commonly a backyard bird box or bird house.

They Lay on average when they nest in my yard 6-7 eggs,that are colored a whits with tons of red spots almost making the egg look red. 

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